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About our Office

Our purpose is to locate areas of misalignment or restricted mobility in your spine and body that could be causing nerve irritation or impingement and to correct these with specific chiropractic adjustments. Our primary objective is "removal of nerve interference for restoration of health;" however, we are not limited to adjusting. We also provide nutritional counseling, rehabilitation, and therapy when necessary.


With a healthy nervous system, all other organs, tissues, and systems in the body function more effectively. Besides the common conditions we see of back pain, neck pain, and headaches, we have also seen tremendous results with a wide range of health problems. These include sinus trouble, rib pain, sciatica, digestive trouble, eye and ear complaints, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, various types of joint sprains, strains and injuries, and many other conditions.


We are often asked who should see a chiropractor, and our answer is "anyone with a spine." Although all of these symptoms and conditions respond to chiropractic care, asymptomatic patients are also encouraged to be evaluated and treated. Many of our patients get maintenance care just because it feels good and increases their overall sense of well-being. If you have any questions about chiropractic care and the benefits in your specific case, please ask one of the doctors.


Payment & Health Insurance

We are a cash practice. This means that all patients are required to pay for services at the time that they are rendered. Cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover are all acceptable forms of payment. We DO NOT accept health insurance assignment. We will electronically file (as a service to you) Medicare (Primary Only). You must file your own supplemental insurance claims, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, but you are still required to pay for services at the time of treatment, and reimbursement will be from the insurance company to you. With all other health insurance, you must file the claims yourself. This is very simple to do. After payment each visit, you will be given a "super bill" receipt. This has all the necessary insurance codes and information required. Attach this to one of your claim forms from your insurance company, fill out the personal information at the top, and mail it in. Be sure to include your policy number and mark the box to have the money sent to you instead of us. Some people combine multiple visits and send several super bills in at the same time. This "cash practice" philosophy allow us to keep our fees lower and more affordable. Many companies (including Wal-Mart) do not provide chiropractic care in their policies, so we try to keep our fees reasonable for everyone.  We are not a part of any PPOs or HMOs but our total fees are comparable to many of the co-payments required by other offices.   


Any dispute or disagreement about insurance is between you and your insurance company. We will help when possible, but remember, we are not responsible for what they do or do not pay


The only exceptions to our cash policy involve certain car accidents and work compensation claims. If your condition is a direct result of this type of injury, and we have authorization from your insurance company and/or employer before beginning care, then we will bill them directly. In this case, the final responsibility of payment still falls on you. If they fail to pay any or all of your balance or if they pay you one lump settlement, you MUST pay for all services out of that. We do not accept third-party payment from the another party's insurance.


We do not participate in the state Medicaid program.

2018 Update:  Blue Cross Metallic Plans

Arkansas Blue Cross has recently changed their treatment guidelines for patients with Metallic Plans.  Due to these changes, Moore Chiropractic will no longer file claims for those with Metallic Plans.  This does not apply to Non-Metallic Plans such as those offered by most corporations.


The reason for this change is that BCBS is now requiring pre-authorization before any medical treatment can be performed.  What this means is same-day treatments are no longer covered by BCBS Metallic Plans.  The way things have been explained to us, a patient would have to come in for an exam, paperwork would have to be submitted to BCBS for processing (which can take up to 7-10 business days), then the patient would be allowed to return for treatment/adjustments.  This is not in the best interest of our patients, and thus we will no longer be participating in these plans. We apologize for this inconvenience, and if you have any further questions please call our office. 

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